Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nail colors for fall winter 2014

For the fall winter it is time to find the latest trends in nail color. Every year there are certain colors of nail polish to come forward to put their mark on our look. Although in general colors change for each season in part, experts say some months remain fashionable no matter where you are.

For the manicure is extremely important repezentand card of any woman we thought you prepare a list of the most interesting nail polish colors for winter of 2013 2014. Here they are:


Most often when we think of metal polishes come to mind just shades of gold, silver and bronze. But it is time to broaden our horizons a bit when it comes to nail polish metallic.

The effect will be more spectacular if you choose to paint your nails in a shade with golden or silver metal accents in various shades. You'll get a manicure sophisticated and extravagant. Experts recommend you opt relentlessly for gold or silver nail polish with reflections navy blue, dark green or purple.

Nail polish in shades of purple

Purple in all its shades will always express elegance, opulence and luxury. So whatever you do, do not miss this year a manicure with purple nail polish! It is an ideal color for all seasons, the right splash of color to dreary days of fall. You can even turn to purple with metallic, purple and gold combination is considered one of the most sophisticated shades of nail polish.

Shades of yellow lime

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From neon color trend, popular forces remained yellow lime. Although it is a bold nail color, yellow lime fits well with your outfits specific cold season. Manicure in bright shades of yellow it gives an air of chic and modern.

Wear nail polish yellow lime daytime to a monochromatic outfit, giving a splash of color to your entire look. For millions effect, carries a purse or a pair of shoes in the same shade of yellow that is found on your nails!

Raspberry-colored nail polish

Here there is a trend for eternal romantic, loving the color pink. Ripe berries will give you shade on the one hand that touch of elegance and femininity of careorice woman needs, but also a slightly childish and romantic air.

If you are among the women who prefer darker nail polish shades, deep and bold, opt for the color of ripe raspberries. This shade is one of the stars of Dior nail polish collections for 2013, so it feels like a model on the catwalk!

Black nail polish

Black nail polish will always be trendy because that denotes elegance. A black manicure is not much just a symbol or teenagers rebel rockers who painted their nails in dark shades just to attract attention. Now black nail polish is worn even by the most stylish celebrities hollywodiene, so do not hesitate to paint their nails so.

If you won you punk who stormed the fashion runways this season, and you then use black nail polish, designed to give you that edgy accent specific to punk style.

Colors nail polish in nude

Nude shades are ideal for people who want a minimalist manicure. Occasionally give the strong nail polish colors or choose the dramatic and classic ones, neutral. Especially this kind of shades never out of fashion.

Choose nude color suitable for your skin. When you choose a nude nail polish that compliments your skin tone and complete, your hands will get a more youthful appearance, and your fingers will seem much longer and more elegant. Nude nail polish has the advantage that it can be worn for any occasion, no matter the season.

Nail polish in shades of orange

Be in tune with autumnal landscape, wearing an orange nail polish, like foliage that littered the pavement. Orange was one of the colors this summer, now it looks like he found a look on Femi anoint everywhere. Specialists in beauty but also fashion critics who are paying attention to the smallest details of a look, including manicures, nail recommend orange for a bold look.

Following our advice about trends in nail color for winter, you will definitely be able to arouse admiration by your perfect manicure!

What color nail polish do you prefer?