Thursday, October 2, 2014

Snakes in dreams | Dreams Interpretation and significance

One of the most common creatures in dreams, the snake is often a symbol can have meanings complicated because both positive and negative. To understand what it means snake in dreams is important to first assess your attitude towards the creatures. For example, if you have ever had a snake as a pet (a rare thing, that's right!) Should wear your dream meanings entirely different from that of a person who hates or is afraid of snakes them. Snake dream Snakes in dreams In the first interpretation of dreams, the snake may indicate a concern. Snakes are unpredictable and may attack a flash without any warning. In this sense, the snake in dreams can embody unpredictable aspect of your life or a situation that is out of your control. Are you afraid of the unknown! Because snakes are hard to spot most times, finding camouflage in grass or bushes where pitesc they symbolize a hidden threat and / or betrayal. Snakes are entirely motionless, waiting for an opportunity to attack. If such a creature tries to bite you in dreams, your attention is drawn to something in your life that you are not conscious lucid or not yet escape to the surface. When a baby snake dream, it means that underestimating a threat to you. If you kill a snake or a snake is dead you dreamed it signals that the threat has passed or you failed to remove. As creatures crawling on the ground, the snake can represent your subconscious dreams. In this case, he'll pull an alarm or carries a message from your subconscious. According interpretation feudiene snake has a sexual connotation, highlighting temptations, thoughts repressed energy erotic or sensual prohibited. Sometimes the snake on your bed dreaming indicate a threat or sexual subjugation associated with inexperience, nervousness, shyness intimate life. If you're afraid of a snake in dreams, this means fear of intimacy or engagement in an act intimate with a partner. Dream in cae eat a snake chasing you sound like an erotic fulfillment that your existence is the widow of passion and sensuality. As a metaphor, the snake dreams can embody a person around you who is evil, unscrupulous or ruthless. Your dream suggests you not to trust in it. If you are afraid to reveal your true feelings to someone you know, then it is possible to dream about snakes. Due to its ability to change its skin, the snake represents transformation. If you dream filled with a positive feeling, the snake can be identified as a good change, a renewal of the self, such as evolution, knowledge and your wisdom. In this context, you can ask what changes occur in your real life or what he hopes to change in your existence. In particular, a red snake emphasizes the positive features of this symbol, and your great passion. If you struggle with a snake in dreams mean that you object to a change. Wallow in the current stage of your life, even if it does not provide great opportunities or achievements. In some cultures, sapele is a symbol of healing. After all, venomous snakes contain antidote to their poison. Medical profession is a caduceus symbol with two snakes. From this perspective, snakes indicate a recovery or protection from a disease. In another positive interpretation, dream of a snake brings to the forefront your inner potential (neindeajuns exploited). Serpent of dreams, culture and folklore of the West in Western culture, an ancient symbol snake sex ste. In some old books of dreams, he heralds nerve disease and depression, but in others it is seen as a sign of good mood and a good health. In an alternative interpretation, dreams about snakes are followed by disappointment and frustration. These creatures can warn of a scam or failure of plans. Sometimes snakes give news about malicious words of some neighbors or acquaintances about the hypocrisy of people. Here are some common interpretations: - If you dream of a snake are placed in emergency or dishonesty on the wickedness of a woman. - The dream of many snakes appearing in predicting a bad thing evil. - The young snakes warns of fake friends especially at work. - A bronze snake announces envy ruin or loss of money. - A snake bright, shiny, predicts that you will be surrounded by enemies, but you'll be able to stand against them and defeat . - A white snake in dreams is a messenger brings a message of wisdom or secret. - Red Snake heralds an intense erotic passion. - An orange snake are a blend between idealism, emotion and sensuality. - Snake Blue indicates a great avant religious. - A green snake symbolizes high mental energy. - A dream that prefigures Aesculapius's snake emerges cure of a disease or the collapse of inner conflict. - A snake symbolizes the pursuit of ambitious vertical raised ideals or spiritual development. - Snake sat in his lap portends great humility. - When you dream about snakes killing kittens, that means you have some enemies who will hurt themselves trying to hurt you. - Some snakes killing dogs or puppies mentions that a friend is ready to help But without being able to do much. - A glimpse into another dream a snake attacking announces financial difficulties or trouble at home. - A snake swirling around you (and licking your face) may mean that you will be faced with disease or as your enemies will bring in an extreme situation. - If you dream that you are attacked and bitten by a snake is supposed to honor you is questioned by the tricks and deception of a woman, as you risk to put yourself in wanted some negative trends or as enemies you can destroy a business. - When you see the dreams as someone is bitten by a snake, you can draw attention to can hurt or offend a friend. - If you dream you walk across a snake, you in danger of being seized by a constant fear of not getting sick or that some enemies are trying to lure you into a confrontation. - A dream that you hold in your hand without fear, a snake, I suggest that you have at hand all you need to overcome your difficulty. - The coat that turns into snakes (Medusa's hair) cautions risk faction that small problems turn into some very large. - A huge snake, like a monster, anticipates difficulties that can be overcome by positivism and will. - dream with snakes that swim through water over them or warn that some apparent pleasure can turn into major obstacles in the way of your destiny. - A dead snake announces that you will defeat the enemy. - If you dream kill a snake is said that you make the most of new opportunities or you will triumph over your opponents. - A dream in which you see how some children play with snakes signals the need to clearly distinguish who is your friend and who is foe. - A snake found in the road may indicate that a conspiracy (against you or a friend) will soon be on empty. - If a woman is attacked (and mucate) of a snake in a dream means you have to deal with some arguments with a false friend. - When a woman dreams that a child puts a snake head (and Hisses can hear it), it says it will be forced to give up a loved one.