Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Fashion Trends For Fall : "trashy" clothes

Clothes that seem to be unfinished are favorites of many women when it comes to outfits "trashy" look those sites that exudes a vibe of a fan of indie-rock bands. If you're not the type to walk their clothes perfectly, then this trend will you come like a glove. market in Romania, two brands were stated in Chapter clothes unfinished, and they are whisper and manure

. Dresses that Desire, sport shirts sweaters without seams or holes are perfect for both casual outputs, and those with friends in a club or at an event, that if you want a appearance statement. In the summer clothes are asymmetrical cuts the trends and can be worn anytime with anything, but especially leather items: pencil skirts, pants or jackets and coats - by night coolness. In addition, long gowns and short in front to back, with the top Desire, as you will see in the gallery below, are the perfect alternative to mini clothes. For many people, this land exudes sensuality and a strong personality.

What is right, a woman with clothes torn, but with the right attitude, attention. But the secret sits in a chic combination of items: clothes torn by elements of denim , leather or something ultra feminine, as is the veil. The idea is to not go to the gothic look youthful, but the careless style. You can wear tops cropuite without hem, a pair of "boyfriend jeans" and a pair of classic shoes with heels for an outing with friends or a slick dress with a pair of boots.A slightly longer shirt goes even wore a pair of denim shorts pantalni but stylistic idea is to stick, sloppy front pants.

These shirts can be worn with skinny jeans, but a recommended look, something more elegant and feminine, is a sweat shirt material, unfinished, with a slim white pants and heels. however, does not mean you can not lead the trend to another level, a chic and feminine. Same jersey tracksuit can be worn even with sequins or leather pencil skirt, and another model is flounced skirt. The key to success is to match it kept the parts that have not been associated so far as parts of tracksuits with skin.